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Audio and Video of Piping Hot

Piping Hot, South Devon based Barn Dance & Ceilidh Band – with caller – playing throughout the South West.
Jump at the Sun
  1. 1. Jump at the Sun
  2. 2. Hulligan’s Jig
  3. 3. Teetotaller Reel
  4. 4. Jack’s Jig
  5. 5. Flatworld
  6. 6. Hesleyside
  7. 7. Harpers Frolic
  8. 8. Atholl Highlanders

Piping Hot play Scottish, Irish and English tunes to suit your needs and will keep your evening fun and lively. Whether you call it a Band Dance, Ceilidh, Folk or Country Dancing, our caller will guide you through the steps.

Paul, the bands Highland Bagpiper will also play Scottish or Irish tunes, solo and in full Highland Dress as part of the day’s celebrations, if needed.

For more details please visit www.SouthWestBagpiper.co.uk or call 01803 528234